National Gallery of Victoria

It is a rare treat for a content specialist to be brought into a large website project from its inception (usually we come in much later to fill the gaps). The National Gallery of Victoria was planning a comprehensive redesign of its website and invited me to get involved. The two-year project included a new look-and-feel, new technology, IA, and revision of content and its management. Step one was to talk to NGV stakeholders and write an internal requirements document to help NGV understand what it needed, and to inform the clever IA Roland Maxwell (Boojum) and Tim K and his design team at Reactive in completing their jobs. Next I wrote a content definition and recommendations document detailing the business rules and legal and technological requirements of the content – which helped to inform the technical specification of the new content management system.
I also collaborated with the in-house Multimedia content and design team to devise an online style guide, wrote business implementation and launch strategies, prepared content, tested and was part of the exciting late-night launch. I am lucky to have continuing contact with the Multimedia team as they ‘live in’ the new website and learn about how best to manage it, what its users are doing etc.
Launched: early June 2010